Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Trip to Jackson Hole, Wyomin'

For those of you who know Mike and I, you wouldn't consider us "campers". So this is what we call "roughin" it....

Yep, it was rough indeed...we had to share a bathroom with four other cabins.

Here is Mike and Grace "making do" with our king size bed in our 5 star cabin.

But no...really...this was my second trip to Jackson, WY and it is absolutely gorgeous. Mike and I had the privilege of attending our good friends wedding. The view was picturesque and we enjoyed spending time with Mike's best friends.

I'm pretty sure it is illegal to leave Jackson WITHOUT a picture of ourselves at the infamous Antler Arch. So here it is!

Camille was glowing and she looked gorgeous!

JUST MARRIED - Introducing Jordan & Camille Kuretich!

Mike and the "Shaw-eans" (yes both of them are named Shawn/Sean)

Judge Memorial (the High School Mike went to) picture with wives/girlfriends & baby included. Gracie is the first of her kind from this group.