Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yo Gamma Gamma

***Apparently the show is called YO GABBA GABBA!! Thanks Tiff for setting me straight and teaching me how to be a "good mom"!! LOL I was typing too fast yesterday.....ok Tiff..that is my excuse.

Grace has found a new passion and love for a simple show called Yo Gamma Gamma. Whenever I turn it on her eyes are glued to the TV. Actually, during the entire show her eyes won't leave the screen yet she walks in circles around the ottoman. It is quite funny. But can it be that my almost 9 month old enjoys this show? It's a mystery.

"Oh my favorite show! Thanks Mom!"

Halfway around....

"I'm almost where I started and my eyes haven't even left the screen yet. YES!"

Still going....

Must be a commercial.....

Time for bed.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Fun in the VERY hot sun

Our July 4th weekend was very eventful. My family, Marquita's family, Shawn's family and Justin's family drove to St. George to celebrate together AND to see our Grandpa Murdoch who is living there with my Uncle Cam. The weekend was packed full of eating out, pool, 4th of July festival, Tuacahn play and visiting grandpa. The kids had a blast getting reacquainted after not seeing eachother for 2 years (since my wedding - my anniversary is tomorrow...YAY!!). I am going to attach a bunch of pictures (we missed you Morgan, Steph and Keira!!) Love you mom & dad!

Marquita, Lilia and the little boys enjoying the sun.

My brother Shawn with his youngest son Xavier.

Hannah and Lauren.

Gracie enjoying the view from her floatie.
Mitchell, Shawn's oldest, posed just long enough for me to snap one shot of him! Thanks Mitch!

As you can tell by Grace's flushed cheeks it was 100 degree weather. Thank goodness Aunt Lilia was there to keep her cool.

Grace is at the age where she just wants to be held by mom and dad. During this trip she allowed people to hold her for a short time. If you weren't holding her then she was probably smiling, laughing or waving at you though! She is our little sweetheart.
Gracie and Natalia.

Jeff, Taylor, Justin and Carlee at the festival.

Justin and Eridee

Dallin is such a good cousin.

Here is our beloved Grandpa Murdoch. Isn't this a nice photo of him mom?? This is the only living grandparent that Mike and I have so this is a trip we will cherish.

It was so special to be able to introduce Grace to her great grandpa. I hope she never forgets that moment.

Grandpa surrounded by family - just what he loves!

Mike with his new best buddy, Xavier.

Natalia and Lauren at Tuacahn. We saw Footloose and it was incredible!! It is a "must see" show if you will be in St. George this summer.

Xavier would not allow a picture of his face so the back of his head must do.

As you can tell, it was 11pm at night and I was still sweating like a pig.

Dad, you remember this highchair??? Yep, this is the one you sat in 55 years ago...hee hee

PHEWW!! I told you there would be a bunch of pictures. Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Redington Family Reunion in Idaho

Every June Mike and I attend the family reunion where we don't know 95% of the family who attend. I must say Gracie is sure an ice breaker. I think this year I met more people then ever and we had such a nice time.

One of our recent family pictures. This is for you Joni...who complains that I never post pictures of myself. Waving is another thing Grace has learned but everytime we try to video it or capture it on camera she won't perform...that stinker!

Grace is so close to crawling. She moves herself backwards and rolls herself where she needs to go. She just hasn't figured out how to move her knees forward.

Elleisha (Mike's sister who is expecting her 2nd little girl in November), Clark and adorable 16 month old Crystal

Shannon and Kaelynn (Mike's sister and niece). I ACTUALLY got Kaelynn to "let" me take a picture of her. :)

And here is Grace trying to eat everything in sight. P.S. an update to an earlier post:
Grace LOVES her food, it only took 4 weeks of force feeding my child daily. UGH!!
I love my family.

Kaelynn, Crystal and Grace are such sweet cousins. It will be so fun to watch them grow up together.

Mommy and Gracie

And here is the last picture of the day. After a long drive Grace and grandma chose to relax on the bed with their favorite pasttime....books!!