Monday, October 11, 2010

We LOVE cousins!

While Mike worked hard in the backyard building Clark's shop (and I stayed home to sleep off a bad cold) Grace enjoyed baking some cupcakes with her cousins and "Aunt eesha" aka Aunt Elleisha.

Crystal and Grace adding sprinkles to their creations.

As you can see...she enjoyed not only baking it but eating it as well.

While daddy and uncle clark are working hard... you will find Grace and Crystal giggling and smiling on the swing set.
And sippin' on their slurpees.....
And even coloring some pictures!
I love watching these girls grow up together. I can already tell they will be best friends forever. Thanks Elleisha for carrying my daughter to and from 7-11....while pushing Cynthia in the stroller and most likely holding Crystal's hand while you walk. LOL You are superwoman!