Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just loungin' around

Being a stay at home mom has been so fun. I am taking advantage of the time I have been home because it won't last too much longer...BOOOOO!!! Here are a few pics of Gracie, she is getting so big.

Ace did you stick your paw in a light socket???

Grace opens her eyes so big when you talk to her. Check out her big brown eyes! (Mike is secretly hoping they turn green like mine).

This is Ace's favorite squeaky toy. We play fetch with him every night. Last night Ace ran onto the bed in anticipation of Mike grabbing his toy and throwing it. This is what Mike saw when he walked into the bedroom. We laughed so hard.

OH YUCK!! Puppy kisses!!!
P.S. This happened right when I snapped the pic. Trust me, I didn't stage this picture.
That darn dog!


Britt's Clan said...

OH she is getting so big!! How much longer are you home for?? I love the new background and the pictures of ACE. U are such a cute mommy...

tsroybal said...

YUCKY puppy kisses. She is so cute, I can't believe how much she has grown and changed since I saw her last. She is soo adorable. Enjoy every minute you have at home with her. She will change and do so much in the first few months of her life.

Elizabeth said...

She is looking so cute. Love the dog and toy and the doggy kisses trust that won't be the last time that happens. When do you have to go back to work? It's going to be hard but just think of how happy she will be when you get home. We need to play some time soon.

Denise said...

Oh, Gracie is getting SO BIG!

And she is still as cute as ever. And that Ace makes me want a little dog so bad and I could not believe how well behaved he is.

Jon said...

I can't believe how big Gracie is. She is so cute. I love that hair..oh and Ace's isn't so bad either :)!!!! Oh I'm sure you know this but it's K-L not Jon.