Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok ok ok I has been a long time. I am back to work so the days and weeks just seem to fly by. I am a little mad at myself because I haven't been photographing Grace like I should. The world needs to see her adorable face at least once a week, right??? So you say, "come on Sue!! Blog more!" I am going to try very hard to update you more often! I have pictures that I will upload tonight.

Being back to work brings mixed emotions. Generally, I am so busy that I don't have much time to get emotional but there are those moments when I sigh a little. Everyday I get out of here by 4:30pm so I can rush to kiss some little baby cheeks. I truly never knew motherhood could bring so much. I mean I thought a puppy brought me joy but being Grace's mom doesn't even compare to being Ace's mom. Ya I know, Ace and Grace, its funny blah blah blah. LOL

Grace is still a very happy baby. She laughs and smiles constantly. She is so close to rolling over but not quite there yet. Her daddy loves to be with her all morning, he has finally gotten the chance to really bond with her and its so cute to see that she is starting to become a little daddy's girl. There is nothing sweeter than hearing your husband talk "baby talk".

I hope you enjoyed this update....stay tuned for pictures to follow.


Denise said...

Yes Sue we do need to see weekly or daily pics of Grace!!! I can't wait to see new pictures.

tsroybal said...

Yeah! What's the deal. Come on get some pictures of that beautiful girl on here so we can see how much she is growing.

KAMIE said...

oh my....SUE!!! She is a doll!!! Wish I was there to squeeze her a time or 2!!!