Monday, June 01, 2009

Pool Day

Grace spent her first day in the pool and LOVED it! This is her 0-3 month bathing suit she is wearing (thanks Jen!!). I feel like my 7 month old baby is getting so big but when I dress her up in her 3 month clothing I realize how petite she really is. If I could only get her to eat her baby food I think she would fill out....anyone have any ideas?? Grace will not allow me to feed her with a spoon, so we tried the fresh food binky feeder (she hates that now). She will only eat things that she can hold we have now ventured to the gerber graduate crackers and such. It is very frustrating! I hope she doesn't become a picky eater.

Grace and her buddy Nathanial. It was overcast outside but still warm out so we took advantage of the day.

Don't you love the hat?!!

Grace is holding her arms out because she wants Nathanial to hold her. LOL


tsroybal said...

She is so cute and growing up so fast.

melissa ( : said...

Oh I wish they could play together too.

We just tried rice cereal for the first time last week... I'm not sure how much actually got in her tummy. Maya is really petite too... I thought some rice cereal once a day might fatten her up... so far no luck. ( :

Gracie is so beautiful, Sue. How do you stand it??!

Lara and Jayson said...

I love the hat and I LOVE the swimming suit. She is so darn cute and so stylish!

joni said...

Cute swim suit and hat! As far as eating, Allie was kind of like that too. She was hungry, she just wanted to do it herself. I always gave her really small pieces of fruit that she could gum or ritz crackers are good becasue they basiclly melt in their mouths. Allie loved strawberries and soft pears! Good luck!
BTW... where are you in those swim pictures? Where is your cute swim suit? :)

Jessica said...

Yes I love the hat and her swimsuit is so cute! I'm glad they had fun, I should bring Easton up one day to go swimming w/ Grace!

sissyann said...

She is beautiful!!! Does that hat come in my size? I think I would look smashing!!! :) Tawnya