Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vance Family Christmas Party

It is always nice to have a delicious warm meal followed by a rousing White Elephant gift exchange. My nieces and nephews are all growing up so fast - hopefully you will be able to recognize them mom and dad!
From the left: Dallin, Stephanie, Keira, Morgan, Lyndon, Chelsie, Eridee, Taylor and Justin.
"Is that you Ace?" No Grace thats Boo Radley..the newest edition to the Earl Family. I wish I had a picture of Boos face because he is adorable.
Teagie (Marquita is probably cursing me under her breath right now..she hates that nickname)
Easton, Marquita, Jeff and Lauren admiring their brand new Christmas train. WOOT WOOT Easton insists that this is "his" train.
Don't you just want to squeeze these cheeks??!!
Here is the cute fleece scarf that was passed and passed and passed around. As you can see Carlee is eyeing it very closely and that lucky bugger stole it away from me at the very last second.
Lauren is in deep conversation with her uncle Mikey.
I LOVE LOVE this girl.

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