Monday, May 03, 2010

18 months old

I can never get enough of this adorable toddler. Bella Blu Photography (aka the beautiful and talented Denise) is remarkable with her camera ALTHOUGH I have a very uncooperative little girl when it comes to getting her portrait taken. I just wish I had a picture with her sweet smile and maybe even some teeth to show off. Maybe next time Denise!! AND seriously you MUST check out Denise's photography blog. This past weekend she shot a wedding and her pictures are literally breathtaking. If anyone needs their family photo updated or anything else...CALL HER!

Denise Harkey

This picture was edited so nicely. I love the antique look.
And again...the "closed mouth" tactic!! Although I love love those little pigtails. :)
I love how sweet this picture is.
OH YES! Finally a smiling picture....but not at the camera.
And last but not least - a wardrobe change. I loved this little outfit but unfortunately Grace was DONE and not having anymore pictures. So this was the best we could do. BUMMER!


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

that is one adorable little girl!!! and those pictures are great. miss you.

Britt's Clan said...

Oh my she is ADORABLE!! I love the outfits so CUTE!!! I can't believe how fast they grow she looks so grown up...

carvers said...

She is getting so big!! She is beautiful! How is life? I haven't talked to you forever!

Denise said...

awwww Thanks Sweetie!!!! :) Maybe now that Gracie is doing Cheesy Face we can get some smiles.