Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pool Fun

Yep, we love the pool and sprinklers, and the slide in the pool and the ball that sprays water and even the watering can when mom is trying to hydrate the flowers BUT funny thing is: Grace just started NOT liking the bath??!! I don't get it either.

All we have to say is "CHEESEY FACE" and this is what we get.

And need for applause...I planted the flowers you see. Well, ok ok ok my mother in law may have paid for them and told me where to place the exact flowers so they look perfect but I'm the one who got her fingers dirty!! We have people knock on the door and tell my in-laws how incredible their landscaping is but don't worry..I pat myself on the back for it! :)


sissyann said...

She is getting so big!!!

Denise said...

Look at that cute little Cheesy Face! :) I love all of the pictures and what a cool little Tropical Paradise she has.